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Pastel shampoo silk-free shampoo…



Pastel shampoo silk-free shampoo for damaged and very dry 500ml hair


Enriched with Borage Oil and Silk Protein Professional Series for Self-Use Shampoo Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair Suitable for hair that has undergone chemical processes such as: dye, smoothing, syrup, etc. Made from a unique formula without sodium chloride and without sls Contains high quality concentrated nutrients And in the oil of borage seeds known for its wonderful virtues for intensive dryness treatment and enhancing the appearance of hair treats and closes split ends The borage oil excels in a high concentration of essential components similar to the natural elements of the hair structure such as: amino acids, keratin, high-lumbar acid and lubricant acid Therefore P.O. Its effect on the hair fibers is effective both on the inside and on silk protein. Expect the hair with a thin crystalline layer that enhances the natural sheen. Moisture absorbs moisture and fixes it to the hair, giving a deep softening that makes any wet or dry hair styling comfortable and soft.

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Instructions: Apply a generous amount of wet hair well to rinse and repeat as necessary.


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