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Revlon 150 ml one



Revlon 150 ml one


Non-Rinse Mask Giving 10 Main Benefits to Healthy and Well-Treamed The ultimate treatment you have always dreamed of with 10 active actions: (1) Dry and damaged hair restorer (2) Provides shine and control (3) Heat protection (4) Soft and silky hair (5) ) Protects hair color and sunscreen (6) Facilitates combing and use of straightener and face (7) Perfect long-lasting design (8) Disassembles (9) Splits edges (10) Gives hair structure and grip

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Instructions for use: On wet hair – 20 cm distance from short hair 6-8 medium length hair 7-12 presses and long hair 10-15 medium Use a comb for combing the hair if needed in the design product you prefer and finish your preferred design

On Dry Hair – Palm Sprays Short Hair 2-3 Medium Length Hair 3-5 Press and Long Hair 4-6 Spray On Your Palm The Quantity That Suits You And Sprinkle Your Hair From The Center To The Edges If You Can Use Your Daily Design Product In a hair dryer or straightener.


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